What Makes The Tiger Woods Golf Shoes Extraordinary?

Nike has always been dedicated in providing athletes with a footwear that ushers them towards their ultimate potentials. This innovation is evident in the technology used to engineer the Tiger Woods Golf Shoes.

But contrary to what most people think, the Tiger Woods Golf Shoes goes even further than the golf course. Just like any athletic shoes, this pair will also serve you best when you’re out hiking or jogging. They are designed to cushioned the feet from all types of terrain, under the most harsh weather conditions. You can get good golf sunglasses. This is because every pair is made with durable materials, and has undergone high-quality construction that safeguards the feet as you course through some strenuous activities.

One of the unique characteristics of these shoes is its heel formation, which features a lower profile heel that has a slight divot on the outer part. This secures your feet and ankle, hence providing optimum support every time the shoes hit the ground.

Initially, they may feel too tight but this is because the shoes really wrap around the foot, thus alleviating any knee problems. This is attested by Tiger Woods himself who has gone through a knee surgery, but has not had a knee problem anymore after wearing these shoes.

The Tiger Woods Golf Shoes are designed as if they are a pair of first-rate cross-training shoes. Of course, they have all the features that make them exceptional on the golf course, such as sturdy spikes and firm support. But their heel construction and sole support are similar to those that are designed for constant walking, which brings more stress to the shoes and its wearer.

This shoes are also notable for its lower mid-sole. Golfers may not require as much cushion as runners do, but their shoes must have enough to carry them through an entire round of golf. With its superior feel, fit and function, the Tiger Woods Golf Shoes is sure to release your full power.

Ab Belts Are They A Scam Or Do They Actually Work?

This is a question that I get asked all the time. Are those electronic muscle stimulation ab belts worth the money or are they all just a pile junk and a marketing scam from big fitness business corps? You can find a good review here

The Flex Belt Review : Is It A Scam Or Does It Really Work? GYM GINDER

So here’s the truth.

The big problem is not with the electronic ab belts themselves, but it is more with the marketing companies that sell these products.

E.M.S or muscle stimulation gadgets have been around for a very long time and have been used in the sports industry at the highest levels for decades. The problem is when marketing companies tell you that it’s the magic bullet to weight loss or six pack abs.

No doubt there will be folks who have had some very good results from using the ab belt, however there’s more than one variable to losing weight and getting six pack abs than using a simple ab machine.

Anyone who is a gym enthusiast will tell you that doing crunches in the gym (alone) is not going to give you washboard abs, but it’s a case of eating correctly and exercise to create a caloric deficit over a long period of time.

People say that abs are made in the kitchen, which puts a different perspective on getting abs from exercise alone.

So whilst, it might be possible to strengthen and tone your abs by exercising them through crunches, leg raises or by using an electronic ab gadget, there’s other variables that play a big role in acquiring those six pack abs.